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[2022] Animation commission

Data and art amalgamate, Created using AI (Generative adversarial networks)

POCKETMOTH [ Yonder Festival ]
[2021] Yonder Festival  Lighting design including projection and sculpture



Through formless light and sculptural form, this work highlights the intersection of real and illusory realities.

Fabric becomes the vessel for us to view illusory elements like wind and gravity. Illuminated sculptural pillars become the form through which we can view the echo of formless light.

How does our perception of information change our reality?

Pleasure Grip [ Quincy Raw ]
[2021] Video clip collaboration with Quincy Raw

Data and art amalgamate for 'pleasure grip' by Quincy raw. These are microscopic images of the building blocks required to make quantum computer chips.

Containing the Illusory [ Mutual Intent ]
[2021] Projection and Sculptural collaboration with Marisa Culpo [Brisbane Powerhouse]

Through Soft Sculpture and Animation, Marisa and Madeline both present refined and minimalistic textural works that study abstract shape and organic forms. Their ‘mutual intent’ was to create a context to frame each other's mediums, whilst cohesively displaying the same concept. Marisa’s work with fabric inspired Madeline's motion studies, whilst Madeline’s animations informed Marisa’s structural composition. 


The artwork created for ‘Mutual Intent’ alludes to the traditionalist approach of framing in order to contain an image and to place an emphasis on interior space separated from the real world. With this modern interpretation, the use of soft sculptural framing and digital projection invites the audiences to view the new iteration of an old formula.


Created for 'Gentle State', an ambient installation of sound and light.

ELEKTROLIGHT  [2021] collaboration  with Joseph Botica

An invitation to study the refracted echos of an interaction between light and mirror

PHASE  [2021] Audio visual collaboration  with George Hickman