Alters of Light
[2022] Sculptural Light installation in collaboration with The Jazz House


'We use to dance around the fire, in communal resonance.
Embodied in perceptual experience and connected to 
each other.
Sound, Light and community if of significant importance to our wellbeing as humans.
This work was created to facilitate a slow, ritualistic space of reflection that 
counterbalances the rapid pace of this digital age.
Showcasing how we can still work with technology to benefit our 

Ceremonial Alters of Light created for The Jazz House & Quivr residency, 'Radical Habitat'. 
A weekly gathering of improvisational jazz.
This Sculptural light installation was showcased at The Princess Theatre, Brisbane. 
Designed by Madeline Holt using repurposed and recycled materials.
LED Programming and illumination : Zachary Degnan
Photography : Madeline Holt

A Night of Romance
[2022] Sculptural Light installation in collaboration with Romance and Isaac LDVJ

An immersive activation of sound and light within the realm of Romance.
This Sculptural light installation was commissioned for a live performance at warehouse 25 featuring Romance. 
Conceptualised by Madeline Holt in collaboration with Isaac LDVJ, using repurposed and recycled materials.
Event videography : Brodie Charters
Photography : Madeline Holt

And so on [ Romance ]
[2022] Video clip collaboration with Romance, Tom Carroll and Tess King

Introducing the realm of Romance. Digital projections and 3D rendering meet analogue manipulation to create a visual journey through  the multifaceted dimensionality that is the deep and mysterious world in-between worlds.
Melting into the void.

POCKETMOTH [ As Time Passes]
[2021] Warehouse  Lighting design including immersive installation, sculptural pillars,  photography and projection



Through formless light and sculptural form, this work highlights the intersection of real and illusory realities.

This immersive installation was a part of a sold out electronic music event in collaboration with Pocketmoth.

Data and art amalgamate for 'pleasure grip' by Quincy raw. These are microscopic images of the building blocks required to make quantum computer chips.

Iti catalogue event cover.PNG

POCKETMOTH [ Yonder Festival ]
[2021] Yonder Festival  Lighting design including projection and sculpture



Through formless light and sculptural form, this work highlights the intersection of real and illusory realities.

Fabric becomes the vessel for us to view illusory elements like wind and gravity. Illuminated sculptural pillars become the form through which we can view the echo of formless light.

How does our perception of information change our reality?

KRUNJ [ Visual Identity ]
[2021] Album Artwork , Poster design , Social Assets , Animations,  Spotify Loop,  Merchandise, Live Show Projection Loop 

visual identity 

You are now boarding ' Spaceship KRUNJ '
Input coordinates of jazz-fusion: trajectory - an interstellar journey into a new galaxy of psychedelia

Pillars Of Light [ Gentle State ]
[2021] Sculptural Light Installation in collaboration with Nadeem Tiafu and Benny Chui [The Station]

Pillars of light 
These forms softly illuminate formlessness, with ritual intentions 
Creating safety , connection and reflection through the embracing fragility of a gentle state. 

This work was an installation to the entrance of,  ‘Gentle State’. An ambient, atmospheric activation of sound and light - created by Nadeem Tiafu & Ben Chui.
Liquid light projections by Lucas & Jasper 


Pleasure Grip [ Quincy Raw ]
[2021] Video clip collaboration with Quincy Raw

Containing the Illusory [ Mutual Intent ]
[2021] Projection and Sculptural collaboration with Marisa Culpo [Brisbane Powerhouse]

Through Soft Sculpture and Animation, Marisa and Madeline both present refined and minimalistic textural works that study abstract shape and organic forms. Their ‘mutual intent’ was to create a context to frame each other's mediums, whilst cohesively displaying the same concept. Marisa’s work with fabric inspired Madeline's motion studies, whilst Madeline’s animations informed Marisa’s structural composition. 


The artwork created for ‘Mutual Intent’ alludes to the traditionalist approach of framing in order to contain an image and to place an emphasis on interior space separated from the real world. With this modern interpretation, the use of soft sculptural framing and digital projection invites the audiences to view the new iteration of an old formula.

[2021] Poster Design with Iti Memon 

iti at catalog.PNG

Phase [ Enceladus ]

[2021] Audio Visual collaboration with George Hickman